About me

I currently work and play with React, Redux, Restful APIs and Next.js. I also work with Sass, jQuery, Python/Django, Docker, MUI, Tailwind, Bootstrap and GatsbyJS. A long time ago I worked with PHP, WordPress! Once (a very long time ago) I built a website using tables and frame-sets 😭- I know why that is wrong!

It’s paramount to me that what I build works well for the consumers, and that it should be a robust and accessible experience for them. I’ll happily work with designers to create the best solution for any project. I’m equally as comfortable working with technical and non-technical team members to build consensus and work toward a common goal.

I have a passion to use technology to solve problems and improve the world around me. I will always have a project or three on the go and I’m keen to learn new things and experiment with ideas. I like it when this takes me out of my comfort zone and gives me an insight into something new. Sharing what I learn with others is important to me, and I hope it inspires and motivates them to do great things.

I enjoy running up hills and mountains in my spare time.