I currently work as React developer for Chetwood Financial, a startup bank in Wrexham, Wales. Previously I was a frontend developer for The Realbuzz Group for over 7 years. Throughout this time I have always pushed to learn more and develop myself and those around me.

Read on for a high level overview or visit LinkedIn for a more in depth overview of my career.

Career overview

React.js & JavaScript developer - Chetwood Financial

  • Building lightweight & robust consumer-facing Web Apps using React Redux, Gatsby, REST APIs and OAuth
  • Building React component libraries, Redux store handlers and Node
  • Building marketing websites using Python/Django/Wagtail
  • Creating tooling and ops utils using Webpack, Gulp and Node
  • Building email comms using Gulp! and MJML
  • Managing DNS, hosting and deployment pipelines on Netlify, Heroku and AWS
  • Writing unit tests with Jest and end 2 end tests with Playwright
  • Configuration of services including Sentry, PagerDuty and Pingdom
  • Improving the platform with accessibility enhancements
  • Creating multi-branded applications using internationalisation
  • Working with designers and backend developers to advance the platform

Senior frontend developer - The Realbuzz Group

  • Front end development of multiple client websites, internal projects, and flagship brands
  • Building rich features including comments and user chat using React and REST APIs
  • Enhancing the UX using JavaScript and jQuery to create dynamic and interactive elements
  • Lead frontend developer of the flagship Realbuzz.com website including building a bespoke SCSS framework & React comment system
  • Sole developer of the Realbuzz Group corporate website, written in Django with an SCSS framework and jQuery frontend
  • Illustration and graphic work including vector icons and anatomical diagrams
  • Managed a team of frontend developers (internal/contractors) building Realbuzz.com
  • Leading a multi-disciplined team including frontend developers, web designers and designers including managing time, workload and personal commitments
  • Guiding team members on best practices and feedback (via design critique and code reviews)

Web developer & designer - The Realbuzz Group

  • Major contributor to the Virgin Money London Marathon, adidas Half Marathon, World Marathon Majors, World Running, Paris Half and Tough Mudder charity websites - Django, JavaScript/jQuery & SCSS
  • Built numerous charity fundraising and partner websites - HTML5, PHP, JavaScript/jQuery & CSS/SCSS
  • Rebuilt My50.com frontend, with backend PHP changes to templates
  • Use of Sass, Gulp, Grunt and other pre-compilers to enhance the range of browsers supported.
  • Advertising banners, HTML5, Flash and Gif.
  • Print & multimedia work including interactive CD-Roms
  • Supporting and mentoring junior team members


  • Responsive, mobile-first websites using HTML5 and CSS3
  • Backend development with PHP, WordPress, Python and Django
  • Icon, logo, illustration and character design for print and web using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • Web advertising work has used both Flash and gifs for animation
  • Interactive games, portfolios and animated logos using Flash
  • SEO, optimization and accessibility

Migrate carl-topham.com from Gatsby to Next.js

Rebuild my portfolio site (carl-topham.com) in Next.js, migrating from Gatsby

Running kit bag

Interactive kit bag checklist app to ensure that I always have the right running kit for training, races and all weather!

SmartSave & LiveLend WebApps

React.js Redux WebApps using REST APIs with Auth.

Advanced Strava Stats

Sync your Strava data and analyse it in extra ways than the official app. React, Redux, Saga, Axios & D3.

SmartSave Public Website

Wagtail/Django/Python backend with WebPack, React & Bootstrap frontend