I'm Carl. I make great websites

About me

I build responsive, fast and bespoke websites using WordPress, PHP and Django. Every website I build is designed to get your content quickly and efficiently to your clients, wherever they are and whatever device they are using. Even if you already have a website I can take it the next step so it can really shine.

I'm a senior front-end web developer by day, and a freelance web designer by night (depending on your timezone). As a senior web developer I lead a skilled team in the development of highly optimised, beautifully designed websites for in-house projects, and world renowned brands, events and corporations. While freelancing I have worked with individuals and companies both locally (Chester, Wrexham, Cheshire and the Wirral) and from around the world, from Australia and the USA to Europe.

My other services include branding, SEO & marketing and illustration.

Contact me and see what I can do for your website, your brand and your customers.

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April 11, 2017

Create a basic ReactJS app with no config

There are many ways that a ReactJs app can be created. The aim of this guide is to get up and running with a basic react app as quickly as possible. That means no other fancy libraries such as Redux, Router, Relay or anything else beginning with R (seems like there is a theme going on). There’s also going to be no Flux or jQuery or any other async included and certainly no configuration needed via…

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July 18, 2016

Hide number input spinners using CSS

HTML 5 number pickers are great, since they help restrict users to the input ranges required in certain cases. Some browsers add little up and down arrows to help the user step though numbers. On some browsers the pickers show by default even when the form inputs are not focused, which is a bit ugly. You can use CSS to turn off the number input arrows. Obviously you want to put them back on…

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June 07, 2013

Creating a chrome extension - an update

Since I wrote my last post on creating a chrome extension , there have been a few changes to how the extensions are built - mainly that the manifest version has changed to version 2. The original post is still fine, but there are a few tweaks needed. This post is mean mainly as an update to the original, so rather than rehash the old content too much I will skim over the basics quickly. Create…

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December 08, 2011

Creating a chrome extension that uses jQuery to manipulate the DOM of a page

There are plenty of tutorials and guides on how to make a chome extension and there are hundeds for jQuery manipulation of the DOM. There are also a few about using jQuery in a chome extension, but only for the popup window. There seems to be a lack of using jQuery to actually do something on a page. This is something that too me a while to get my head around and a bit of googling to figure out…

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