Running the London Marathon for WWF

Friday, March 1, 2024

As many of you my know, I'm passionate about my running and the environment, and this year I've been fortunate enough to secure a spot in the London Marathon, and I'm running not just for personal achievement, but to support a cause close to my heart: WWF, the environmental charity (not the former wrestling federation!).

Since the beginning of the year, I've been training harder than I ever have before, clocking in over 786km (488 miles), 70+ hours of workouts, wind, rain, slush and sometimes even sunshine preparing for this momentous event. Now, as the marathon approaches, I'm reaching out to you for support in my fundraising efforts.


In my life time it is estimated that the Earth has lost 50% of it’s wildlife. I want to live in a world where future generations can see and experience the wonders we have today, and are not limited to stories about mythical beasts that use to roam the earth only a generation ago. The WWF works on numerous initiatives to reduce environmental impact, restore biodiversity and develop long-term sustainable strategies to protect the natural world and add value to local communities impacted by climate change which will help protect the environment for future generations.

I truly appreciate any support you can provide, whether it's donating directly, sharing my fundraising page, or simply spreading the word. Your generosity means the world to me. Every little bit motivates me to push harder and leave nothing on the table in training or on the day.


So I thank you kindly from the bottom of my heart, and leave you with these “fun” training stats:

  • Quit alcohol on NYE. I am now the designated driver 😑
  • Ran 786km (488 miles) and counting - Just shy of 10km / day 🏃
  • 6 Half Marathons or further🦿
  • Over 5 km of elevation gain - That’s 5 Yr Wyddfa’s (Snowdons) ⛰️
  • One of my toes now has a permanent blister on the end. It’s been like that since Feb

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