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Why use Virtual env wrapper and how!

Having worked on many python/Django projects over the last few years I have come to be very familiar with virtual environments as the easiest way for me to manage multiple project requirements on just one machine. Without them my main python packages folder would be constantly fighting over different versions of Django, PIL and every other library under the sun.

Virtual environments are one of the best ways to create multiple unique development environments on one machine as they keep each projects packages contained with the specific versions required all in one folder.

Once you have multiple virtual environments it starts to get a bit complicated, especially if you have to switch between multiple ones in a day. This is where virtualenvwrapper becomes so useful. virtualenvwrapper adds an extra management layer on top of the virtualenv so that you can navigate to and start the environments with a single command. It also helps to organise your environments by keeping them in one location (previously I kept environments next to the project)

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