Why is version control so important?

When you’re working on a project it’s vitally important to make sure that the work you are doing is backed up and saved as often as possible. Not only does this give the freedom to try out ideas easily without risking the sanity of a project, but it also allows you to roll-back unwanted changes and in the worst case recover deleted or overwritten files.

Version control works by making ‘restore points’ in our working history of a project so that we can step back and undo breakages or recover code that wasn’t useful at one point, but now is. It’s a life saver.

Another advantage of version control is the ability to branch a project and try new things, develop new features in parallel to other developers and all without risking losing or breaking the code in a project.

When you compare that to saving files with incremental version names or backing up folders before downloading from an FTP server, then you can see why developers use version control. It does add a small overhead to day to day working, but it does save a massive overhead when that ‘Oh ***’!’ moment hits and an essential project file is overwritten, loosing hours or days of work.

It’s so simple to get started so make sure you start now, before the *** happens.

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