Photographic rules and tips that everybody should know

When you are out and about taking photographs you can sometimes make some stupid and silly mistakes, especially when you are in a rush. If you follow most of these rules and tips then you should hopefully never miss a moment, break your equipment or injure yourself. Feel free to comment your own basic rules and tips below. I will add them onto the lists.Basic

  1. Always take the lens cap off.
  2. Make sure the camera is on.
  3. A big aperture number is a small hole.
  4. Set the ISO correctly for the scene. Don't leave it at what it was for your last shoot.


  1. Charge your battery the day before a shoot.
  2. Copy photos of the memory card after a shoot then wipe the card for next time.
  3. If you are taking a tripod make sure you remember to bring the camera mount!


  1. Don't try and take photos while crossing a busy road.

Equipment protection

  1. Always have the strap round your neck. You will drop it at some point.
  2. Put your lens cap on if you have to scramble up something or you will break your lens.


  1. Swap memory cards if one is nearly full and there is a lull in the photo shoot. You may miss photos later if you have to swap at an important time.
  2. Take a camera (even a compact) where ever you go or you will miss something unique and beautiful.
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