My first responsive website for a client

Recently I have been working on an interesting project. Not only is the subject of it close to my heart, but the technical aspects of it are fascinating (to me at least). For those of you with no patience, I can reveal that the project is the website for The Tappy App Co. Ltd , who are a mobile app development company, focused on iOS apps (for the moment at least). 

If you know me at all you will know I have a fascination with Apple and many of their gadgets and philosophies so working on something in the same industry is a joy. As for the technical side of things that is where it gets much more interesting.

The site has been developed with what is known as responsive design. That means an end of having the page seeming to be fixed at a certain size in your browser window. You might think this odd at first, but the more you think about it the more sense it makes. You can view a site on you desktop with it's huge screen, your iPad or your phone. Each one has a different sized screen but each time you view it you are here for the same info. This means the site has been designed to flow into the screen size that you view it on! Neat!

What does it mean for the people involved? Well hopefully for you viewing the site, you get a page that is adapted best as can be for your screen and situation. So far so good. For the client it's about being flexible. Some things have to change. A site can't be drawn out in every possible combo before being signed off or nothing would get started. It's just about trusting the designer/developer/me to know their stuff and make the right decisions, with client input on the flowing design. And taking of the designer/developer, it's a bit harder for them. After all it's not just one fixed site, but a whole range of sites with intermediate stages that need to be tweaked to work just right in each situation. 

Personally I find the whole process fascinating, even if it is more work, and with mobile web browsing on the verge of taking over desktop browsing it's good to get in the right practices for the future. Currently responsive websites aren't always needed, but for some clients their demographic makes it much higher up the agenda. It's about having the right solutions for the project. While many sites can work well on mobile, there isn't the massive need to have them fully responsive…yet.

If you are interesting in the final result you can see the info about on my portfolio page and see the Tappy App Co. Ltd. site here (Try resizing your browser and seeing how the page flows about)

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