HTML5 & CSS3 Learning and Resources

EDIT: New links added 25-01-2010So you have probably been hearing a lot about HTML5 and CSS3 on the internet in the recent months and weeks. What are they? What's the deal with them? Why are they important and should I be doing anything yet?.. are a few questions you might have. I have been reading articles and saving links for a few months now so I thought I better share all the goodies with everyone else and hopefully you will be able to answer most if not all of your questions. I have tried to categorize as best I can but there is some overlap! Enjoy!



What is supported where

HTML5 feature sand usage

A Cheat sheet for html 5

HTML5 sites now!

HTML5 Tutorials


General CSS 3

CSS3 Visual effects

CSS3 layout

CSS3 backgrounds

CSS3 User interfaces

CSS 3 text effects

CSS 3 Borders

CSS 3 for ie6+

As always if you have some great links you have found yourself or you have an article about this then drop a comment and I will update the post.

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