Getting Home Sharing to work with the iPhone - A Quick walkthrough

With the new update for the iPhone (iOS 4.3) bringing home sharing to the iPhone I thought I would give it a go to see how well it works. On my well established mac and library it worked stright out of the box once it was setup on the phone. Later down the line, after an issue with too many devices for my iTunes account, I started to get problems. Here is how I fixed it so that it might help someone else out.

  • Firstly I deauthaorised all my computers so I had 0 out of 5 used.

This step is not essential, but in my case some old PC's were still on the list so I needed to start from scratch. For the following steps always use the same iTunes account.

On your Mac/PC:

  • Make sure that the computer is Authorized (Store > Authorize this computer) with your iTunes account.
  • Activate home sharing with the account (Advanced > Turn on Home Sharing)
  • Sign in to iTunes (may not be needed, but just in case!).

On your iPhone:

  • Open up the settings app and goto iPod and add your itunes username/password to the homesharing option.
  • Open up iPod and under more you should see a shared option. Select your shared library and listen away!
  • That's it. Enjoy your music.

This should also work for iPads and iPod Touches as far as I'm aware.

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