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I have been struggling to find out how to get the RSS address of a Facebook fan page for some work that I was doing and it’s been a real pain to find the info on how.... But I finally figured it out so I decided to share the method that ended up working the best (It’s beautiful in it’s simplicity)

  1. Head on over to www.google.com/reader.
  2. Click on the add a subscription (top of menu on the left).
  3. paste the fan page link (http://www.facebook.com/thefanpagename) in the search box and click “Add”.
  4. Once it’s found it click on the settings tab > reader settings (top right).
  5. Click on the subscriptions tab and you should see the full address that you can use in any RSS reader, parser or whatever you need.

There may be an easier way so I would love to find out but this seems pretty simple to me.

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