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ie 7 min-width and button bug

A bug for anyone needing ie7 compatible forms using a min-width on the buttons. This also affects ie8 running in compatibility mode.input.submitbutton{ min-width: 100px;}If you are using a min-width for your form submit buttons then sadly ie7 will align button text to the right of the button. It is un-fixable with just css and the only pure solution is to remove the min-width and either use width:auto; or use width:123px;input.submitbutton{ width: 100px;}If however you don’t mind using javascript you can try using the ie7-js which uses javascript to bring any ie browser less than ie8/ie9 to work as the latest one. You can read more about ie7-js on google code: a bonus this can also fix any transparent png issues found in ie6!

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Facebook Fan Page Feeds

I have been struggling to find out how to get the RSS address of a Facebook fan page for some work that I was doing and it’s been a real pain to find the info on how.... But I finally figured it out so I decided to share the method that ended up working the best (It’s beautiful in it’s simplicity)

  1. Head on over to
  2. Click on the add a subscription (top of menu on the left).
  3. paste the fan page link ( in the search box and click “Add”.
  4. Once it’s found it click on the settings tab > reader settings (top right).
  5. Click on the subscriptions tab and you should see the full address that you can use in any RSS reader, parser or whatever you need.

There may be an easier way so I would love to find out but this seems pretty simple to me.

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jQuery + Firebug = reduced repetitive work

Have you ever had a page that needed styles applying to certain elements again and again (and again) in some sort of pattern. The finished page could have no js either. I just had a long page of tables that the 3rd column had to be formatted differently and it was a pain so I needed a way around the problem. Write a quick bit of jQuery to apply to to the page and preview it in the browser. Then using firebug (firefox plugin), cmd/right click the document root element and click “copy HTML”. Just paste that into a new file and you now have the static HTML which the jQuery applied the styles to. Just remember to delete the jQuery code from the new doc and you are done.This example adds the class “value” to all the third “td” elements in the document: $(document).ready(function() { var str = ":nth-child(3n)"; $("tr td" + str).addClass('value');         });Resources:

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Flash Player Control Bar

Part of creating a HTML5 Video player requires a fall back option for the likes of ie, so a flash player is the option. This is the design for the control panel on the flash player. The source and instructions for the flash player will follow on completion.


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HTML 5 Video ? Flash Fallback

I am nearing completion of the flash player that I have been developing this week. This is the fall back player for browsers such as ie that don’t currently support HTML5 Video tags.The next part of this project will extend to include the HTML5 Player. Currently it is just a regular flash player on a XHTML page.

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Website Preflight Checklist

I am currently developing a quick and easy checklist for making sure that all webpages/ sites that get designed follow a sort of quality control and minimum standard.

Please give feedback on anything that I should include.

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2010 : The year of photographic expression

As the title suggests 2010 is going to be a year where I take more and print off more photos. Some will be normal photo's but hopefully some will be more meaningful and deeper, try new techniques, perfect other techniques or just more interesting. I want to get out of my comfort zone and push the boundaries (but on a low budget!). If you have any ideas for techniques to try, places to go or even how you started to push your photographic skills then let me know in the comments below.You can follow my exploits on Flickr

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10 Photographs of?

A group of friends and I have recently started doing photographic projects to teach ourselves more and have a bit of fun while doing it. The best 10 of each of our results to be posted to Flickr or facebook...Here is my 10 of... Liverpool

Interested in taking part (UK Northwest, Cheshire, Wirral Only) then let me know below.

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Photographic rules and tips that everybody should know

When you are out and about taking photographs you can sometimes make some stupid and silly mistakes, especially when you are in a rush. If you follow most of these rules and tips then you should hopefully never miss a moment, break your equipment or injure yourself. Feel free to comment your own basic rules and tips below. I will add them onto the lists.Basic

  1. Always take the lens cap off.
  2. Make sure the camera is on.
  3. A big aperture number is a small hole.
  4. Set the ISO correctly for the scene. Don't leave it at what it was for your last shoot.


  1. Charge your battery the day before a shoot.
  2. Copy photos of the memory card after a shoot then wipe the card for next time.
  3. If you are taking a tripod make sure you remember to bring the camera mount!


  1. Don't try and take photos while crossing a busy road.

Equipment protection

  1. Always have the strap round your neck. You will drop it at some point.
  2. Put your ...
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Snap a day (work in progress)

Another fun but long term project for 2010. I am going to try to take a photo a day all year and then mash-up the results in to another form such as a video or photo mosaic. Look out for the partial results as the year goes by.

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