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BT Homehub Port Forwarding for RDC

Getting a remote desktop client to work can be a pain. Having used OS X's default share screen option on a local network and found it good, but lacking in some respects, I typically wanted more control. Apple Remote Desktop seemed the logical extension to that.

Getting it to work in anyway with the BT Homehub 3 was far from clear, but after many attempts at trying everything possible, and asking the IT guy at work, it's now working. For my own sanity and those in the same situation it's only good to share, so here is my solution.

  1. Log in the home hub ( http://bthomehub.home )
  2. Navigate to Advanced > Port forwarding > Supported applications
  3. Add a new 'Game or Application' with the following ports and click apply when done
    • Any 5900-5900 -> 5900 -5900
    • Any 3283-3283 -> 3283 -3283
    • Any 5988-5988 -> 5988 -5988
    • Any 22-22 -> 22 -22
  4. Go to Configuration
  5. Select your newly named 'Game or Application' and importantly for the device use the internal IP of your ...
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It's getting cloudy

Another day, another cloud is here. This time it is the iCloud. Since Apple is the company that most people are watching I thought it was time to take a quick minute and think about what we are about to get. 

Any 'cloud' is essentially a buzz word for a big pile of servers that holds your data. It's not just one computer your data sits on. It's a whole bunch. You can call it what you like, 'cloud' doesn't matter. How you see a cloud workng is entirely up to you. What I see is devices that just add and take data from your cloud, your friends clouds etc and the cloud just holds them and pushes and pulls data between devices. Essentially you can just pick up one device and carry on where you put down the other. Perhaps this is a service that is cloud based? It seems cloudy ehough for me!

So far this sounds excellent, so long as the network that keeps the data up to ...

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The fine line of Privacy vs Search rankings

Over the last few years I have been slowly building up a collection of sites that sum me up on the internet. Between them they build a picture of me. It is this picture that people who don't know me, clients, employers etc etc all see when they search for me on the internet.

By some careful management and forward thinking I have managed to keep the impression of me as accurate as I can, while also hopefully being in a good light. Sometimes I have used my real name, others I have used some pseudonyms (Designer023 on twitter and carlosthedesigner on Flickr etc). As part of "me" on the internet I had taken the decision to keep Facebook as a friend and family thing, just like I keep LinkedIn as a business thing, compared to Flickr, Twitter etc, which I feel are more open for general use. The problem arises when there happens to be someone with the same name that lives only a relatively small distance away in a town with a similar name, and the other me was turning up in the searches for the ...

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Open office data to html table

This is a quick post about how I managed to get data from an word doc that was separated with tabs and into a html table. I will clean up this tutorial once I have finished the work I needed to do with the data. This is so I can remember what I did.

  1. Select data in the .doc file
  2. Click the table button and the data should be put into a table that is probably messed up.
  3. Select the table and open a new spreadsheet doc and paste in.
  4. Save as CSV
  5. In Dreamweaver select “File > Import > Tabular data” and let it do the magic
  6. Clean up all the extra columns and rows etc
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