Color space converter

Use the fields to input the colors and pick the values you need in a different color spaces.


RGB and HEX use the same color space with RGB being represented by decimal numbers (0-9), and HEX values being represented by a hexidecimal (0-9ABCDEF). Hex is a shorter notation as the 16 bits allow the numbers 0-255 to be represented using less characters.

To represent the same numbers using decimal numbers, you would need more characters for anything over 99.

RGB is a blend of red, green and blue.

HSL is a completely different color space. HSL specifies the hue in a circular notation (0-360°), with red being at 0deg and then through the color spectrum from green blue and purple before returning back to red. The saturation defines how much of that colour is there and lightness defines how much white is part of it.

100% saturation and 0% lightness is the pure color - more white means a lighter color. Less saturation means more greyscale with lightness defining how much towards black or white the color is.