November 11, 2010

Django Apps on MediaTemple and main.fcgi error

I was having had an issue with Django on my MediaTemple hosting and the urls being affected by a certain main.fcgi . It happened a while back, and then again recently so I decided to share the solution I found. Simply add the following to your file. Then restart the app and you should be good to go.

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August 08, 2010

ie6 double float margin bug

Here is the quickest fix I have found for fixing the ie6 double float margin bug, where all margin values are doubled on floating elements. Just apply: And the element float will be rendered as expected. Go figure...Thanks to for shining a light on, and fixing this issue.

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July 07, 2010

ie 7 min-width and button bug

A bug for anyone needing ie7 compatible forms using a min-width on the buttons. This also affects ie8 running in compatibility mode. If you are using a min-width for your form submit buttons then sadly ie7 will align button text to the right of the button. It is un-fixable with just css and the only pure solution is to remove the min-width and either use width:auto; or use width:123px; If…

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May 05, 2009

Accelerometer setup and usage

To use the accelerometer in an iPhone application you need to add the <UIAccelerometerDelegate> into the .h file of your application: Then in your .m file you must setup the accelerometer:

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