Zero-G is an exciting gem puzzle game. You have to carefully balance the skill matching gems and gaining multiplier for chaining multiple turns together against the inevitability of a full board. If you’re lucky you’ll gain exploding gems and give yourself room to manoeuvre the gems to ever more matches and maybe even to a new high score. How long can you last against the march of inevitability?

Swipe to move all the gems on the board. Gems will move as far as the can in the direction you swipe. When you get a match of 3 or more in a row or column they’ll be removed and you’ll gain a multiplier. Link multiple matches go after go for bigger multipliers and massive scores. Every swipe spawns a new gem, so it’s up to you to stop the board filling up, by matching gems wherever possible. When a new gem appears, there’s always a chance that it could be a special one. Make a match with a special gem and watch the explosions occur and the points jump up!

The longer you survive, the more gem types will appear. These bring both extra points and extra difficulties. Will you be happy by the time you see the golden or obsidian Space Gems? Can you even survive that long?


See how you compare with your friends and family with leaderboards. Do you have the skills and determination to reach number 1?


With Facebook and Twitter sharing, you can boast your high scores to everyone you know! Just make sure you’re ready for the competition!



Games are meant to be fun... and Zero-G is no exception. From the moment you first swipe, until your battery finally gives out, you'll be delighted and entertained.

Gem-tastic graphics

Zero-G is believed to be crafted from 100% real Space Gems. That part was a lie, but super crisp retina graphics are a fact, and you know you love them.


Everyone loves to brag. Leaderboards are bragging in a global format. Use Game Center to prove your skills and show your friends who is best.